Wall Of Honour

Dear Mr Banerjee,
South Kolkata Medical Association

Many thanks for organising a successful CME on 23rd Jan'14 , and the feedback was very good from the attendants.

Dr.Sujoy Khan
Consultant & HOD-Allergy & Immunology
Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata

Dear Dr Sujoy & Mr Suprio,
South Kolkata Medical Association

It was a pleasure to attend the CME on 23rd Jan'14 and all the best for a fruitful response!

Best regards,
Kerstin Wall
Scientific Advisor Allergy International
Thermo Fisher Scientific
P.O. Box 6460
SE-751 37 Uppsala, Sweden
Visitors: Rapsgatan 7 P

Dear Suprioda,

Many thanks for inviting me to speak. I really enjoyed speaking at the meeting. I appreciate the efforts you made in putting this together.
I hope the delegates (patients and doctors) got their times worth.
I also hope for many such fruitful programs in the future.

Best Regards

Dr Raja Dhar
Consultant Respiratory Physician
Fortis Hospital
Kolkata, West Bengal

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