Important Day

15th January ------ IMA Community Services Day
30th January ------ Anti Leprosy Day
8th March ------ International Women’s Day
24th March ------ World TB Day
31st March ------ Measles Immunization Day
7th April ------ World Health Day
17th April ------ International Hemophilia Day
7th May ------ World Asthma Day
12th May ------ International Nurses Day
15th May ------ International Family Day
31st May ------ World No Tobacco Day
5th June ------ World Environment Day
26th June ------ Anti Drug Abuse Day
1st July ------ Doctors Day
11th July ------ World Population Day
15th July ------ World Plastic Surgery Day
1-7th August ------ World Breast Feeding Day
12th August ------ International Youth Day
25th August -8th September ------ Eye Donation Fortnight
1st October ------ Blood Donation Day
1st October ------ International Sr.Citizen Day
2nd October ------ IMA Anti Quackery Day
10th October ------ World Mental Health Day
16th October ------ World Food Day
10th November ------ World Immunization Day
14th November ------ World Diabetes Day
15th November ------ World Quality Day
17th November ------ National Epilepsy Day
25th November ------ International Women Safety Day
1st December ------ World AIDS Day
3rd December ------ International Handicapped Day

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